Prenatal Teacher Training

Prenatal Teacher Training

This Teacher Training will provide you with all the necessary tools to teach prenatal yoga classes,
as well as help you deepen your own yoga practice. It will give you valuable insights into the
pregnant body and its 40 week journey of pregnancy on both physiological and anatomical level.

You will find inspiration and build confidence to guide any pregnant students on their yogic journey.

Prenatal Teacher Training Curriculum:

  • Basic study of asana (proper alignment, benefits and modifications for the pregnant body)
  • Principles of anatomy and how they relate to the 3 trimesters of pregnancy
  • Science and art of sequencing a class for the 3 trimesters
  • Hands-on adjustments (what is safe and what is not)
  • Informed use of props to improve or modify a posture
  • Relaxation and Meditation techniques
  • Confidence-building through practice teaching
  • Postnatal yoga (precautions and considerations)
  • The Business of Prenatal Yoga
  • Review of the yoga teacher’s relationship with health care professionals
  • Understand high-risk and non-high-risk pregnancy

What Makes This Teacher Training Unique?

  • Experience: I have refined this comprehensive curriculum overthe past 15 years.
  • Intelligent Sequencing: Learn the art and science of designingand delivering a safe
    and effective prenatal class.
  • Learn to truly teach: This program isn’t about recitingsequences. Instead it emphasise
    teaching principles for clearly instructing prenatal students into safe alignment.
  • Find Yourself: It offers you the space and opportunity to find your own teaching style
    and to express it in a creative and unique way.