Prenatal Classes

Prenatal Classes

Pregnancy is a time of transformation in a woman’s life.  A brand new human is being formed inside your body, a phenomenon that transforms a woman into a mother.

This 40 week journey and beyond can be supported ever so efficiently with the practice of yoga and the breath.  Yoga teaches us to stay present and focused during moments that are physically and mentally challenging.

Deep relaxation releases tension and anxiety in the body and mind, which makes it easier to accept all the changes and trust our bodies’ innate wisdom.  It helps the mother to tune into her needs and let go of unreal expectations and demands.

In my prenatal yoga classes we combine soft, fluid and dynamic movements while breathing consciously and mindfully.  This specific approach promotes flexibility and strength and increases energy.  At the same time it calms the nervous system and leaves you feeling centered and rejuvenated.

Prenatal yoga classes are an opportunity to be with your baby in a conscious way and connect with your pregnancy. At the same time you are preparing for the labor and the time after.