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Kripa Patra is a well renowned and loved yoga teacher both in Sweden and abroad. Her classes are both unique and sought after, and her teaching is an alchemy of eastern philosophy and contemporary living.

With focus on technical alignment, a stable connecting to the breath and the energetic body, an internal focus and natural meditation takes place. Her classes leave you feeling grounded and energetic, with a feeling of aliveness in your heart and soul. She inspires self- awakening, love and devotion in her students.

Kripa Patra has practiced yoga since 1989. Her background has always been dance and this joy of movement and longing for stillness connected her with yoga. She got her teaching certification 15 years ago and started teaching full time, realizing that yoga was her only calling. The dedication to her own practice and growth has kept her teaching innovative and highly effective.

Her practice became even richer, when she had her daughter 10 years ago. Years of practice had offered insights into the human condition, and yoga provided tools to intergrade this information. It became possible to embrace the transformation a pregnancy has on a woman mentally, emotionally and physically and teach it in a unique way.

The passion of teaching prenatal yoga grew and Kripa Patra got certified as a pregnancy massage therapist in 2013 to understand further the conditions of a pregnant body. She has also recorded guided relaxations for pregnant women and an App and DVD are soon to be released.

Through the collaboration with other professionals in the field of training, she has refined a systematic method of yoga in training postnatal women to regain stability and increase overall strength and stamina.

Her life is a path of devotion to this creative energy within. She uses every encounter as a way of inspiring self-awakening, love and devotion, and works to inspire others on this path.